Laptop Repair Near Me

Now days every one is working form home, due to covid-19 virus,

and people are safe at home, this deadly virus can harm anyone, no matter who you are, but sometime situation.

force us to step out, laptop repair is one of them, suppose you are working from home.

laptop repair at home

and you computer stop working, what will you do ?

you just have to call us, and we will ask you some simple information about your laptop, like its serial number, make, and what problem you are facing, once you tell us, one of our expert technician will call you and ask you for appointment, after this conversation, he will visit you place and, fix your problem at your place.

Services we provide at your doorstep

Laptop repair near you, we provide all kind of services related to your laptop and desktop computer.

laptop repair service and cleaning, laptop fan replacement, laptop motherboard repair, laptop screen repair and replace, laptop body repairing, laptop hinges repair, laptop hard disk repair, laptop data recovery.

Laptop Repair service and cleaning

in this service, we provide complete service of your laptop, and cleaning service for your laptop, we open complete laptop and clean every single part of your laptop, like its fan, and its motherboard, your laptop need service in every six month, all your overheating issue will be resolved in this service.

Laptop Fan Repair/ Replace

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