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Expert Laptop Repair Services in Chanakyapuri

Laptop Repair Solutions in Chanakyapuri

Laptop Repair in Chanakyapuri

Welcome to Laptop repair at home, the one-stop destination for high-quality laptop repair in Chanakyapuri. We recognize the importance of your laptop in both your personal and professional lives, and our expert technicians are here to give you with speedy and dependable solutions for all Laptop Repair needs.


Quick and Reliable Laptop Repairs in Chanakyapuri

At Laptop Repair At Home, we provide a comprehensive selection of laptop repair services to meet all of your needs in Chanakyapuri. Our skilled specialists specialize in diagnosing and repairing numerous laptop problems, guaranteeing that your computer is back up and running in no time. We have you covered for Laptop Repair in Chanakyapuri, whether it’s a hardware issue, a software bug, or any other technical issue.

Cracked Screen Replacement and Display Issues

Did you accidentally dropped your laptop? Do you have a cracked or broken display in Chanakyapuri? Don’t worry, we’re here to assist you. Our technicians are competent at replacing damaged screens and addressing display-related issues, restoring the graphics on your laptop.

Efficient Hardware and Software Troubleshooting

Is your laptop acting sluggish or freezing frequently in Chanakyapuri? Our technicians excel in identifying and addressing hardware and software problems. From RAM and hard drive upgrades to optimizing your operating system, we ensure your laptop runs smoothly and efficiently.

Keyboard and Touchpad Repair

Do you have problems with your laptop’s keyboard or touchpad in Chanakyapuri? Typing annoyances and cursor issues may hinder your work. You may rely on us to repair or replace broken keyboards and touchpads, restoring your productivity.

Charging Port Repair and Battery Replacement

Struggling with a charging port that’s not working or a battery that drains too quickly in Chanakyapuri? Our experts can repair or replace charging ports and batteries, ensuring your laptop remains powered up and ready to use.

Laptop Repair Price List in Chanakyapuri

ServicePrice Stars From
Diagnosis and InspectionFree
Pickup and DeliveryFree
Laptop Service at Home₹700
Motherboard Repair₹999
SSD Upgrade₹1500 – ₹2000
Screen Replacement₹2500 – ₹4500
Battery Replacement₹1500 – ₹2000
Keyboard Replacement₹1000 – ₹1800
Touchpad Replacement₹1500 – ₹2000
DC Jack Charging Port Replacement₹1000 – ₹1500
Liquid Damage Repair₹1500 – ₹2000

The prices mentioned above are just the starting prices. The actual cost may vary depending on the type of device you choose.

For hassle-free and efficient laptop repair services in Chanakyapuri, look no further. Give us a call at 9990070902 to schedule an appointment with our experienced technicians. We’re committed to delivering top-quality solutions right at your doorstep. Your laptop’s health is our priority, and we’re here to ensure it performs at its best for Laptop Repair in Chanakyapuri.

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