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Laptop Repair Near You

Laptop repair may seem a routine service, but it requires lot of innovation and stringent quality measures. The
idea here is not only restricted to regular servicing and repairing, but extends to whole new levels, where customer
satisfaction is guaranteed alongside quality assurance. Laptoprepairathome.in is a uniquely designed laptop
repairing and servicing solution provider based in New Delhi, offering the best at most economical prices. We
offer pickup and drop services, which are additional to our exquisite express repair service.

Types of Laptop Repair Services Offered

Laptop Reapir at Home follows a stringent and committed service level agreement. Everything that we do out here,
aims at repairing and servicing the laptops of our clients, and giving them value. We guarantee the replacement
of faulty parts with OEM spares. The parts are replaced with 6 months guarantee. At Laptoprepairathome.in, we
stand at the frontline of:
 Speaker and Mic Replacement
 Battery Replacement
 Screen/Display Replacement
 Front Camera Replacement
 Charging Flex/Strip Replacement
 Light & Motion Sensor Replacement
 Fan Replacement
 VGA Cable Replacement
 DVD Replacement
 Hard Disk Replacement
 Mother Board Replacement
 Screen Panel Replacement
 Touch Pad Replacement


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