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Laptop is basic need for everyone now days, no matter which age group you are, you do business or you in job and you might be student, Each of us need laptop. And when you use it, It will give you trouble sooner or later, and you have to repair it, because laptops are expensive you can’t just use and throw, Problem may be software or it may be hardware.

In this article we will discuss some normal issue we face while we use laptop and what would be solution and where you can get Laptop Repair at home services, which is easily available and secure for you data and cheap for you pocket. In this article we also discuss some points related to laptop repair, is it okay to get laptop repair , is it safe to give laptop to someone for repair, and what are some major issue we can face and how can we bypass these issue while giving our laptop to someone who’s stranger to us.

Are Laptops Worth Repairing ?

My personal opinion is yes, if cost of repair is less then 50% then yes, I would suggest you to get it repair, and also it depends on your laptops life, like how many years old laptop you are carrying, it always better to repair your laptop instead of changing it, new laptop will cost you much more then repairing, and also you need to transfer your whole data from old computer to new computer which is also a big mess, if you are pretty techno savvy then its okay to transfer data if you are not, then you have to higher some who is expert in computer and some time you have to pay handsome amount for transfer your data.

hard disk replacment

its not easy for every one transferring data some time you need to open your laptop and remove hard disk and convert it to usb then you can transfer your important data which is also not easy task for everyone, when I think of these point I suggest everyone to get it laptop repair instead of replacement.

How much does it cost to fix your laptop?

it depends on problems in your laptop, is it repairable part of it may need to replace, replacement will cost you much more then repairing, if issue related to software then it will cost you normal, if it is related to hardware then it may cost you much more then software problem,

laptop repair

Laptop Repair cost for software problem 500 to 2000 Indian Rupees

Laptop Repair cost for hardware problem 2000 to 5000 Indian Rupees

How can I repair my laptop?

you can get numbers from google, and call them few of them give Laptop repair at home services, and also provide pick and drop services, only have to be sure about company you are giving your laptop, is it reliable, and also read its google review before delivering laptop to someone,

always take backup before giving laptop for repair or you can ask them to take your hard disk out if possible, if not possible make sure to keep your data in safe hand, during laptop repair them must take care of your data is important part of repairing.

Cost for repair is second major point of repair, ask them to call you or mail you cost of repair before repairing and you must know repair cost, other wise some time repair cost is much higher then laptop value, then is better to get back your laptop and search for some more options.

laptop repair cost

Warranty is last but not least option we must be taken in our mind you must ask for after sale service and warranty form your vendor, is he giving you warranty after repair, if you are paying a good amount for repair then you must ask them for warranty at least for 90 days, if you face same issue in your laptop then you will not have to pay again for repair, it better to have written warranty when they deliver your laptop after successful repair.

ask them for money back guarantee of repair your laptop in free if it will trouble you after repair. then its completely okay to repair your laptop.

Is it safe to give laptop for repair?

Obviously the answer is big NO. It is always better to send your laptop or PC to a trusted and certified repair service center. A bad intentioned repair person can install spying tools or install malware software and can even find out your private information.

it depends where you are sending it for repair, is the vender reliable enough to give your valuable laptop, there might be some part tempering, or may be your data could be theft, your laptop has personal pictures, so always make sure that you are giving laptop to a reliable source, It is always better to give you laptop to a reputed company, they have some rules, or you may sign on each part of your laptop parts like its ram, hard disk, screen and on its keyboard, and also take care of your data before you give to any stranger, or you can take hard disk out from your laptop and you can fix it back when it comes back after repair .

Do computer repair shops need your password?

Most computer technicians will ask you for your login password when they take your device for repairs. … In such cases, there is no need to give your password to him. If he wants to test the device, he can simply boot till your Windows login screen, and that should be good enough.

How much time does repairing a laptop take?

It depends on problem, no one can promise you about time, but normally they take time to day or two, if problem related to hardware then it might take little more time then usual, but if problem is in your software or operating system then it can be solved in an hour, and some time it could be resolved at your home, so its completely depends on nature of your problem.

Laptop Repair Near me ?

yes this is also a good option for your, if service centre is near you, then you can go there and get it repair in front of you, and also take less time to repair your laptop, which is reliable and little less expensive, because if you call them for pick and drop facility then they will charge you for that too, which is obvious for them. So i suggest you to find some one laptop repair near you.

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