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Laptop Problems & Repairs

At Laptop Repair at home, we offer fast, effective and reliable service at your door step.

is your laptop slow, clunky or unreliable ? are programs freezing or crashing? is your laptop’s poor performance affecting your ability to perform everyday task ?

If so, your laptop is probably in need of a professional repair. And if you use your laptop on a daily basis, you’ll need that repair done as soon as possibe.

Laptop repair at home work with all major brands of laptop and desktops, Including Apple, Lenovo , Sony, HP, Dell, ASUS, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung, and others.

Refurbished Laptops in New Delhi

Common Laptop Problems ? and Solutions

weather you need your laptop to send and receive emails, edit videos, check the news or play games, the following laptop issues can cause a whole host of problems.

  1. Dead Laptop, No Power
  2. Very Slow boot up time- can be 5 minutes or more
  3. programs fail to load
  4. strange blue screen errors
  5. windows randomly freezes or shut down
  6. laptop is hot to touch
  7. latest software will not install
  8. laptop WI-FI keep dropping out.
  9. DVD drive not working correctly
  10. Faulty AC power Adapter
  11. Faulty Bluetooth or wireless
  12. Faulty Laptop Batteries
  13. Faulty Power Socket/ DC Jack
  14. Broken Keyboards
  15. Virus Malware infection
  16. Broken, Faulty, or Full Hard Drives
  17. Laptop Data Recovery

if your laptop issue isn’t in the list, feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to chat about the problems you are encountering and do our best to diagnose the probable cause and recommend a solution.

What Cause Common Laptop Issues ?

Laptop Damage

Sooner or later your laptop is going to crash. In addition to age, these are a number of contributing factors that affect the longevity and performance of your machine. These Include:

If you have dropped your laptop on the floor or desk

if you have split liquid on the keyboard

Dust Buildup

Power Surges

Faulty Software

Faulty Ram (Memory)

Incompatible Software

Faulty Hardware

Why you need to get your laptop fixed fast

No matter what you use your laptop for, It’s a wise idea to have your broken or faulty laptop looked at ASAP. The longer you leave a faulty laptop, the more damage the issue can do. Here some examples:


A Laptop with a broken of faulty cooling fan could overheat. This will permanently damage the machine.

Hard drive errors that aren’t tended to right away may get more serious. Worse case scenario is your hard drive gets wiped.

Viruses and malware infecting your computer could be sending your personal private business data to hackers.

Issues with windows often becomes worse over time, eventually corrupting your entire laptop. This make data recovery quite difficult.

Laptop repairs: upgrades and maintenance

Regular upgrades and proper maintenance are essential for preventing common issue and extending the lifespan of your laptop. We can help with:

Repairing all the issues mentioned above, and performing regular maintenance

Upgrading your hard drive if you are continually running out of space

Purchasing a new laptop and setting it up

Transferring all your old personal and business data, document, photos and emails accounts onto your new laptop

Disposing of your old laptop safely and securely by wiping the old hard drive completely

Laptop battery replacement.

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