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How to check you hard drive health ???

See how to check your hard drive’s heath with this quick and simple guide though the best computer almost always contain SSDs as their primary drive, traditional hard drives are still the most cost-effective choice if you have lots of things to store- and knowing how to check your hard drive’s health should extend its lifespan.

Yes SSDs offer superior speeds than their clunky counterparts. But if you areas big digital hoarder as iam (I have still music albums that I refuse to part with as they took me about a week to download on dial-up in the 90s..) having a hard disk either inside your computer or plugged in as external storage is a lot cheaper than forking out for load of fancy SSD space.

A caveat of hard drives, however, is that they are relatively delicate pieces of hardware that aren’t as durable as SSDs, with many kicking the bucket after just a few years of usages. Thankfully, if you think your hard drive may be on its last stage, there are few ways to perform triage on it, giving you time to either extent its life or back everything up before the worst happens.

How to check you hard drive health

  1. use the S.M.A.R.T. Tool : Modern hard drive have features known as SMART Tool, (Self monitoring, Analysis and reporting technology) which allow you to quickly see their health status, through this feature should automatically notify you if there are any issue with your drive, you can check it manually if you think something is not right.
  2. to do on windows, launch the command prompt by opening the start menu and typing cmd. click command prompt when it appears, input the text wmic diskdrive get model,status, then press enter.
  3. you will see your drive listed along with a status by each one. Ok if its well or pred fail if its on its way out.

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