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What is solid state drive and how it works ?

A solid state drive is new generation’s storage device, which is used in laptop and desktop computers.

SSD use flash based memory, which is more ways faster then tradition hard disk drives, Upgrading into SSD from hard disk drive is best way to speed up your laptop or desktop computer, in this article we will discuss about SSD and how it works for your laptop and how it keep your computer faster.


Before SSD data was stored in old mechanical hard drive, while it was working on moving parts like read/write heads and moving medias, his makes HDDs the likeliest computer hardware component to fail.

Where SSD work completely different from HDD, They use flash memory called NAND to store data which is 10 X faster then ordinary hard disk drive. It has no moving parts and near-instant access times.

What are solid state drives used for ?

Solid state drives are basically used for enhance your computer speed and keep them fast, it decrease system booting time and speed up your processing, when you work fast your productivity will be double and you can deliver your work on time to your client.

Type of Solid State Drives ?

Solid state drive comes in Three variants, NVME M.2 (PCIe) and in Sata Connectivity (2.5 Inch ), you can use both in laptops and desktop computer, it works on both with same effect. Even you can use initially low space SSD for installation for operating systems and for storage you can use normal drives, you can use both on same time in some laptops as well, companies now giving to their client, it is pocket friendly to user and faster then normal computer,

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