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Laptop and Its accessories

Everyone is using laptop and Desktop computer now days.

its basic need of everyone, no matter who you are, A business man, working women, home maker, Student.

Business man use it for fast process in his work and make more money in their business.

Students use it for their study, now days online study is in trend, kids use it for help in their studly.

But if laptop is working slow then its become irritating product instead of help gadget, While we use it for fast working it should work fast. But people make same mistake while they purchase their laptop, sometime they choose very basic laptop and after purchasing they face several issue in their laptop or desktop, like

  1. laptop working very slow
  2. laptop booting is very slow and take too much to start.

Best way to make your laptop faster is install a Solid state drive which is best way to enhance your system speed

its a addition part in your system, you won’t loose your old hard drive it can be used as secondary hard drive which can be used as storage drive.

Laptop Ram is also important part of your computer Random Access Memory, its temporary used memory while you use your laptop or desktop computer, if it has more space your laptop will work fast, if its less in size laptop will respond slow.

Always keep you computer or laptop up to date in terms of hardware and software as well as.

people make common mistake, they regularly update their software but hardware wise they took it same.

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