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Laptop VS Desktop

People ask me every time which one is better laptop or desktop ?

then I answer them both have some advantages and some disadvantages, in this article we are going to discuss both.


We will talk about laptop and desktop computer in this blog one by one.

Laptop Advantages

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Laptop are more convenient in comparison of desktop computers if we talk point wise then

  1. Take less space then desktop computer, you can use it on your lap only space required is only for sitting.
  2. you can use your data anywhere, data moving is possible in laptop only.
  3. take less power consumption then desktop computer
  4. work from anywhere, no need proper setup for sitting
  5. Battery backup, no need to worry about data saving during power cut’s
  6. Carry with you while you are on your vacation and have to answer some important mails.
  7. Laptop are best used for light work, reading word processing, streaming video or using social media
  8. If you or your child wants freedom to have roam while using computer, A fully charged laptop should last entire day.
  9. Laptop are usually comes with and OS ( operating systems)

Desktop are more cheaper then laptop computer but it also has some advantages and disadvantages

  1. Easy to upgrade, and little cheaper then laptop computers
  2. performance wise desktop computer are more way better then laptop computers
  3. you can customize them according to your requirement
  4. you can use it for very long time don’t have heating issue
  5. you can use it like servers
  6. more data storage then laptop computer you can fix up to 4 hard disk in normal computer
  7. bigger screen you can put according to your requirement
  8. separate keyboard and mouse for high speed inputs

Now you can buy according to your requirement you can go for laptop and use it anywhere or you can buy desktop computer and use high performance and customize it according to your requirement.

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