Type of Viruses,

Are you a Computer user ? and also use internet on you laptop or Desktop ?

then you must know about computer virus, today we are going to tell you about type of viruses.

Trojan Virus: when we download software from unknown website, which is not secure, then you might be infected with this virus, when we download software this virus come along with it, and its not good for your laptop or desktop computer. Because it can share you personal information with anyone.

Memory Resident Virus: this virus always effect your laptop/desktop memory and slow down your computer.

Boot Sector Virus: when this virus impact your computer, your laptop will not be boot properly,

and your laptop keep restart.

Web Script Virus: this virus is for websites, when you visit any website and there is pop up like, Download latest movie or something like that it could be virus, and its also share your personal information to creator of this virus that can be harmful for you.

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