Stay Home Stay Safe, Are you quarantine ?

are you aware of this corona virus, and do you know how dangerous it can be

some people are not taking it very seriously, but they don’t know it is very harmful virus, can damage your internal organs, this virus might be dangerous but we can safe our self by following simple steps.

  1. Stay at home, First and very important rule, this virus not spreading in air, so it can not travel it self, don’t be its carrier, if you go out you might be infected with this deadly virus and you can take it to you home, till its not very important don’t go out.
  2. Wash your hand properly with soap, and simple water.
  3. if you have dry cough with high fever, you should consult your doctor.
  4. you should quarantine your self if you found these symptoms in you, you might spread this to your family and friends.
  5. don’t worry 80% of people not required hospitalization, only 20% need admission in hospital.
  6. this virus attack on all age group, but its more risky for old age people, and also its more over dangerous for those, who suffering from diabetes, asthma, high tension, heart patient.
  7. this virus comes in your repertory system first, and then in your blood cells,
  8. after going in your blood cells it can go anywhere in your body, like your kidney, your heart, lungs, and it can damage/fail your organ, and everyone knows that if organ fail it can be cause of death.
  9. so friends its my personal request for everyone follow govt. rules stay at home it not necessary, go for limited time, keep essential things in house so you don’t have to rush out for small things.
  10. spend good time with family.
  11. wash your hand regularly,

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