Laptop Care Tips

Are you using laptop, and wanna keep your laptop in good condition ?

in this article, i am going to give you some tips to take care of your laptop

if you are using your for business purpose, then you should take care more your laptop, because your laptop is carrying your business in form of data, we all know value of date, its very important to keep your data safe, every part of your laptop is very important and every part must be take care equally i ll suggest you some tips to take care of your laptop.

  1. Laptop Keyboard and laptop screen
Clean you keyboard

yes you heard right, you must clean your laptop keyboard regularly, as it is primary input device of your laptop, dust can damage it, laptop keyboard is made up of silicon sheet in keyboard, if your one key not working you need to replace your full keyboard unit, it is expensive also and very difficult to change your laptop has to open.

Screen cleaning

Laptop screen is output device, dirty screen never look tidy, and it impact your work, dirty environment make whole work dirty, so its my personal advice to keep you screen clean, but be careful, while cleaning your screen, never spray liquid directly on your screen, the best way to clean your screen is to use cotton cloths or sponge, spray cleaning liquid on cloth or sponge and clean your screen with it, as it may damage screen by spraying directly on screen and screen is also very expensive part of laptop and hassle also to find a good laptop repair center .

Liquid Damage

Keep away liquid from you laptop, coffee, tea, cold drinks, you might like them very much, but your laptop don’t, my personal advice is drink your coffee and you can take 5 minutes break for coffee tea, these five minutes could be break for one or two days, and also harmful for your pocket as well.

we care for external parts of laptop, but internal parts are also important as well, and need cleaning also, as you all know that our laptop or desktop computer has CPU, and CPU needed to be cool for this process, manufacturer put fan for cooling with cooling pad, when fan do its work, it take air from one side and through form another side, between this process some unwanted particle, like your bed foam, blanket parts, dust also come along with air, and stuck in cooling system, and when it stuck in laptop cooling system your laptop become hot then usual, and heat is enemy of your laptop, your CPU can take certain level of heat after that, it can damage your laptop CPU, and you may face laptop hanging issue, and laptop might behave wearied, so its also important to keep clean your laptop fan as well, if you are not technical then don’t try to open your laptop, because you might break your laptop body, so its better to visit a good laptop repair service center and ask them to service your laptop at least once in while.

laptop service
Motherboard Before
Motherboard After

Motherboard is main part of your laptop, and its important like heart in our body, and all related parts like CPU, ram, hard disk, your laptop’ video section, audio section and power section is on motherboard, in short you can say motherboard is very important part of your laptop and you should take care of it like your baby, laptop motherboard has lots of part on it , very tiny component, and each of everything is very important, if one of them is stop its working your laptop might stop working, and you know these parts can be damage by rust and dust is cause for rust, so if you want to protect your laptop motherboard, then you should clean your laptop motherboard as well, and don’t take risk of cleaning it self, because you can damage it by your hands, so go to a good laptop service center or you can call them at your home/ office, and did it properly by experts.

laptop screen repair
Laptop Screen

As we all know, that everyone use laptop in these days and we giving some tips to take care of your laptops, but in some special cases i found people break their screen brutally, and they didn’t know even how did this happen to their laptop, they said we took our laptop in bag and when i came back the screen was broken, so here are some reason of breaking of screen,

  1. Laptop bag overloading, yes you heard right, some people load there laptop bag like a bean bag with things, but guys stop company has provide this bag to protect your laptop while traveling, you can get new bag for other belongings, so my advice it not put any thing apart from laptop and laptop charger.
  2. Put something while you are going to put your lid down, yes this is very big reason, some people act very careless and put pen, pen-drive, key’s on keyboard and put lid down and break there screen accidentally.
  3. over charging could be a reason when you charge your laptop it become hot, and heat is not good for your laptop.
  4. stay away kids from your laptop, while playing football, cricket, or any other object which move in air and can damage your laptop screen.
Hard Disk
Hard Disk

Hard disk is like heart of your laptop, and we should take care of it like you take of your heart, in technical language its a storage device, and keep all your important data. Because its retain all your data in it, you have to take more care for hard disk, as it is very sensitive, if you drop down your laptop you might damage your hard disk, in terms of technical not physically we should take care of it internally, like we should done disk fragmentation of disk once in every month, and also shut down your laptop for sac of your hard disk, when you shut down your laptop or desktop your hard drive get rest, in case you damage you hard disk you might lost your data and it will be expensive to get it back.

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