How to take care of laptop during traveling ?

Generally people travel for their business, and they have to take their laptop with them,

but, there is risk of laptop theft and damage, in this article we are going to give you some tips,

how to take care your laptop during travel.

  1. Use padded cover for laptop instead of simple cover
  2. laptop is a gadget, always keep it away from heat and humidity
  3. and be aware don’t let your laptop alone in bus or train.
  4. don’t over load your laptop bag as it may damage your laptop screen.
  5. try to keep it with you, in aircraft it may damage during transportation.
  6. use original adapter for charging, don’t use train charger.
  7. keep away your laptop from food.
  8. don’t use your laptop for watching movies during travelling because of battery drain in media uses.

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