How to Increase speed of Laptop CPU

Laptop is basic need now days, and we all working from home during lock down.

and also facing problems in our desktop and laptop computers, in this article I will try to help you to enhance your laptop processor speed.

Central processing units, we call it CPU in short, and we can call it mind of laptop also, CPU help out to calculate those process which help in processing data and run programs.

Laptop speed depends on programs installed in laptop and number of programs running in laptop, and laptop users can enhance their laptop speed by enhancing their CPU spreed, and in this article I ll try to help you to speed up your laptop or desktop computer.

If you want to enhance your laptop speed then you have to change your power setting by changing internal menu, so lets start

  1. First of all press windows button and click on Control Panel and after this go into Power Management.
  2. Appropriate radial button and then click on high performance, you can use high performance mode and you can use complete power of CPU to enhance your laptop spreed.
  3. Now open Task Manager, and navigate processing and like windows sidebar which is unwanted program you can remove it, but you have to be more careful while doing this process.
  4. and after ward you have to perform disk defragment and you are all done.

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