How to connect your smart TV with your Laptop??

If you have smart TV with bigger screen, and you wanna use that screen for you laptop.

or you wanna see you laptop screen on your TV, and you don’t know how dose it happen, then you should read this article carefully.

There is several way to connect your laptop to your smart TV.

  1. You can connect it with the help of wire, there is two types of wire available in market one is VGA cable which is littler old in style and give you average quality of picture, and the other one is HDMI which is latest and high definition output wire, both the wires available in market, but with this there is limitation of movement between your smart tv and laptop.

HDMI Cable


You can use both the option according to availability of your ports.

  1. Mira Connect , second and best option, in this option there is also two type of connectivity, one is that, your TV has option of Mira connect builtin, and other is you have to put a chrome cast to enable this option.
  2. For Built in option- you only have to connect both your device on same wifi network, and there after you have to go into windows option of connect in right side of your laptop screen

this is how you can find your mira connect option in your laptop. from this option you will get you device and you can connect it and enjoy wireless.

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