10 Common Laptop Faults & Solutions

laptop repair near me
Laptop Repair near me

While we use laptop it help us a lot, but when it give you problem then you are help less

in this article I am going to discuss some points related to laptop problems we all face normally

we also discuss laptop repair shops near you, and how you can fix some issue on your own.

Laptop Over Heating and its Causes ?

Each of us face this issue while using your laptop, no matter which brand it is, and how old it is, few of us face this issue earlier and some of us little later, but face it for sure, so what are main causes of this problem and what are solutions, and what are the points need to be in our mind to skip this situation.

Overheating problems in laptop is very common problem, and you will laugh when you get to know that cause is also very common and we are responsible for that too. Dust yes your heard it right, dust is big reason for overheating in your laptop.

this situation will burs your laptops cpu, but we never care for it, we use it on our blanket

let laptop out while not using it, never ever shut down laptop, yes we all do these kind of mistake and never relies.

Solution for this situation is very simple, take care of your laptop, laptop will take care of you.

laptop repair service

If you ask me, you should get it service once in every six months if you are using it rough.

and also get it done by expert, laptop opening is not easy task, you might damage it by mistake.

Slow Hard Drive

second most commonly faced problems by laptop users.

laptop repair at home

slow working of laptop is very common problem, and reason is also very common, We install unlimited programs to our laptop, no matter it is useful or not, due to over installation of programs laptop become very slow, its also take too much time to boot or restart, you have to wait for very long time to startup, and also take time to process simple task and saving files, or copy data from one location to another.

Solution for this problem is defragmentation of your hard disk.

you can find this option in your program list called system tools, it should be

once in a while, we all use gadgets but never take care of them, which is not right.

Laptop Repair ?

Laptop repair Near you

Laptop Repair is very tough and responsible job, everyone can not justify this job, if someone give you his/her laptop he/she trust you blindly, his/her all data is there, and data is most important thing in these days, you have to be very sure before you do anything to his laptop,

Data is important part but apart from data hardware also important and also expensive as well, and it’s also related to each others, you should take care of each part.

in laptop repair you need to be efficient to time, once you give time to your client for delivery.

it should be delivered on given time. When laptop stop working whole work stop, you should also take care of his/her time.

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