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Desktop Computer Repair

Desktop computer are designed for rough and touch use, and your imagination gets a jostle when you find that your most user friendly desktop is showing a blue screen or your worst nightmare- it is not booting, You may be frenzied up for a moment. You have little idea of the possibilities available with respect to desktop computer repair, and even if you are aware of these possibilities, what keep you aback is- whom to go with? Laptop repair at home is your first and last resort when it comer to premium quality and quick desktop computer repairs, we are listed as a premium desktop computer repair in Noida, Besides, we are also one of the most searched service providers offering desktop computer repair in Delhi and Desktop computer repair in Gurgaon.

Desktop computer Repair : How can we help your ?

We understand how your professional life is going to get ruined when you desktop computer start blinking or goes off. It is the time for you to get it despair and start feeling offended. We will help you technically by offering desktop computer repair services such as: 

  •  Hardware Upgrade / Replacement : your computer may often need hardware servicing or replacements. Bad or corrupted hardware likely to cause server technical issues, which may stop the computer from performing.
  • Direct Home Repair We do not follow the idea of B.Y.O.D.( Bring you own device) to our service center, Instead our qualified desktop repair and service engineers disassemble are repair the fault in desktop. The repairs are done to your satisfaction. It gives better reasoning altogether.
  • Backup and Printer Installation Desktop not only experience hardware issues, there can be faults with the backups too. It is the time when your computer system needs all the backup. Printer installations as well as installation of other peripherals may even become a serious issue. We resolve all these technical issues.

Type of Desktop Computer Repair service offered

Laptop repair at home follows a stringent and committed service level agreement. Everything that we do out here, aims at repairing and servicing the laptop our our clients and giving them value. We guarantee the replacement of faulty parts with OEM spares. The parts are replaced with 6 month guarantee. At laptop repair at home we stand at the front line of :

  • Desktop Computer Repair
  • Laptop Repair
  • Motherboard Repair
  • Hard Disk Replacement
  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Laptop Fan Replacement
  • Laptop Hinges Repair and Replacement
  • Laptop Screen Panel Replacement
  • Touch pad replacement
  • Charging Problem


In need of desktop computer Repair ? Want it get repaired urgently ? Come to us. Laptop Repair at home is offering quality desktop computer repair in Noida, Desktop Computer repair in Delhi, Desktop computer repair in Gurgaon at affordable prices. We truly understand the importance of your desktop in your professional life we do not want you to get upset or feel dejected because all your work is jeopardized as the result of a faulty desktop. The highly trained, qualified and experienced professional at laptop repair at home will settle critical technical issues in your laptop and desktop. The professional will bring the laptop or desktop to running condition with minutes. 

Services We offer

Laptop Motherboard Repair in Delhi

Laptop repair services is one of the best laptop repair service provider in Delhi, we repair all major brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, IBM, Apple laptop and its motherboard also, we give you support for chip level repairing, VGA Chip replacement, no display in motherboard, and laptop motherboard hanging problem’s, windows not getting uploaded on motherboard, We provide these services all over Delhi and NCR. not only in our office we also give you free pick and drop services for motherboard repair, and also provide free quote for mother board repair, you can call our expert at your door step and diagnose your problem and get it over there only, if not possible there we give you free pick up service, call us now for instant service.

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