Laptop Working Slow ???

laptop repair at home

is your laptop working slow, this could be harmful your business.

laptop is very important to everyone, and laptop must work according to your wish

but sometimes it don’t, and this could be very irritating, what to do when laptop is not working fast ?

Why my laptop is not working fast ?

these is some reason why your laptop is not working fast and why it happens to every laptop, people use new laptop and still not happy with its performance, there is such reasons behind it.

Uninstall unnecessary application from your laptop, if you are not using them frequently.

Ram is very important for your laptop performance, it should be according to your OS

if you are using windows 10 then it should be more then 8 GB.

your hard disk is also responsible for your speed, if your laptop hard drive is slow in data writing then your laptop will never give speed.

you must use SSD instead of Hard disk.

memory, ram, computer

RAM ? Random Access Memory ? Whats is it and how it help you ?

Random access memory is temporary memory for your laptop and desktop computer , when you working on it it save your work temporary.

more you have memory in your system more you work fast, so always keep up to date your system time to time, when your software got updated you

must update your laptop hardware as well.

Now days windows got updated frequently and you must have at-least 8 GB of ram.

Unwanted Software’s

some times some unwanted software comes with your required software, which we never notice, but they slow down you laptop

you must check your system once in a while when its got down, go into your control panel and then program files and features,

see what software you are using and remove unnecessary software’s from there.

remove unwanted cookies also from your computer as they are friend of hackers.

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