Laptop Care and Service

Laptop is mandatory to all of us and we all use it for own reason

some use it for business purpose and students use it for study, and home maker use it for social media.

but the point is its very very important gadget for all of us.

So if you are using it, then you should know some important points about it so it work for you very long time without giving you trouble, in this article we will discuss some tips to take care of your laptop to keep it working for you.

Laptop is very sensitive gadget, you must be very careful while you clean your laptop.

Never ever spray cleaning liquid directly on your laptop always spray on clean soft cloth,

Laptop cleaning is very important task for laptop it should be done once in month, Dust is enemy of your laptop, it must be clean from out side and inside as well.

if you are not techno savvy you can ask some professional computer repair services for such services.

Computer problems

Slow laptop is very irritating, and your work also suffer from this, laptop service make your laptop faster.

also increase laptop life, dust cause rust on your laptops motherboard, and it damage it on component level,

which is very expensive to repair.

Laptop fans are very very important part of your laptop and it related to CPU, Overheating cause damage of your laptop and result may be very scary, you might loose your laptop display, motherboard could be damage your this part is very expensive to repair or replace, so keep laptop fan clean and noise free, RPM should match with bios, if your laptop giving you any intimation related to your laptop fan you should take instant action for cleaning.

Laptop Cleaning from outside

yes its part of your daily routine, laptop should be clean from inside as i said in my upper paragraph

but it should be clean from out side, laptop keyboard is one of the important part of your laptop and it is first input device of your gadget.

Laptop keyboard could be damaged by dust on it, and some of your keys stop working due to dust.

first of all you must shut down your laptop and remove battery if possible, it you are using laptop with internal battery then you must careful while cleaning your laptop to avoid power button should not be press, and clean your laptop keyboard with a soft cloth or you can use wipes or soft tissues, you also can use some liquid spray for cleaning but never ever spray directly on keyboard, always spray on tissue or cloth.

laptop screen repair

Laptop Screen

Laptop screen is most sensitive part in your gadget, it need extra care.

it is very expensive as well, while you put your laptop in your bag then must be sure about that bag is carrying laptop only, other things can damage your laptop screen, if it will not get fully damage, screen might have scratches by its key due to over pressure on laptop.

it contain liquid in it, and surface is glass material which is easily breakable.

Liquid damage laptops are very tough to repair and very expensive also

you must be very careful, not to have anything like tea coffee or cold drink while using laptop.

liquid can damage your laptop keyboard and if liquid goes inside the laptop and it is in on condition then your laptop motherboard can be damaged on component level, and replacing a motherboard very expensive

its like buying new laptop and other parts also damaged.

memory, ram, computer

Random Access Memory.

Ram is used to speed up your computer, when you do anything on your laptop it goes into ram first,

then it goes into hard disk, the max memory you have in your laptop then you have more speed.

when you laptop software got updated you need to update its hardware as well, now days windows 10 get update frequently.

if you are facing slow process in your computer then you must increase your laptop ram, at least 8 GB is mandatory for core i3 processor.

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