Laptop and Its Parts ?

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We all use laptop at home or in office, laptop is basic need of everyone.

if you are a business man you are using it for your business mails and handle your accounts and if you are student then you must be using it for your study, my point is if this is necessity for now days you must know about it.

if you know basic things about laptop and its parts, it will not trouble you much as it may. Laptop is a machine and need care too.

if you care for your laptop, laptop will take care of you, but you must know it deeply.

Laptop is very good machine and helps you a lot till the time its not troubling you.

in this article we are going to discuss about laptop and its parts.

Laptop Motherboard

laptop motherboard

By the name you can imagine its importance, yes you are right, motherboard is very important part of laptop as important mother in life of a kid.

its very important because every part is connected with it, like your laptop audio and video and hard disk is connected with it and give you output through this part.

Hard Disk Drive

hard disk is storage device of your laptop, in this laptop store all your important data and operating system.

every part is important for your laptop and need to be taken care of it for keep laptop working.

but this need much more care and attention as it is very sensitive and important because it carry your data and your business is depends on it.

Laptop Ram and its Function

memory, ram, computer
Laptop Ram

Random access memory, yes we call it RAM in short

mostly used in laptop to store short term memory, the much you have the more you work faster.

its comes in many variants, size and shapes, and also it has speed also in MHz.

from my point of view it should be greater then 16 GB in your laptop and you should upgrade it time to time, once you system software get updates it require memory to work on it better, if you have less memory it will take time to responds on multi tasking, and now days its very important to be fast, more you work fast more you earn faster.

monitor, display, screen
Laptop screen

Laptop screen is first output device of your laptop, and its comes in various size

like 14 inch 15.6 inch and 13.3 inch in Mac book and many more size in mini laptops, you can choose according to your requirement.

its also has some resolution differences like high definition display, IPS display, LED and LCD Display, many more.

Screen is very sensitive part of laptop, so must be careful about your laptop screen.

keyboard, hardware, computer
Laptop Keyboard

First input device of your laptop, also second sensitive part of your laptop, need some extra care, keyboard need be safe from dust, so its better to be covered while not in use.

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