Laptop or Desktop Which one is better ?

we all know that computers are revolution for whole world, we all use computers

computer comes in many variants, Like desktop computer and laptop computer in this article we are going to discuss about laptop and desktop computer we will takes some notes on both’s advantages and disadvantages, you can decide according to your convenience which one is better for you.

Desktop Computer

Cheap in price, better in performance, desktop computer are more way comfortable then laptops and its cheaper in price, easily up-gradable, much convenient.

Desktop computer has some advantages and some disadvantages as well, you need more space in comparatively laptops.

you can not take it with you,

you are not able to access data from anywhere,

if you wanna show some presentations you can’t, take more power then laptops. electricity consumption is more then laptops.


Laptops are little expensive in comparatively then desktop computers, but its also has some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages: Laptops you can carry with you, so you can use your data anywhere.

you can use them for presentation, even it has battery backup so you don’t have to worry about you can use it in anywhere like coffee shop, restaurant, where ever you like it.

some laptop are very small in size so girls can keep it in their hand bags.

light in wight and you never have to worry about space you can keep it in bag after use.

Disadvantages: Little expensive, and also maintenance is also expensive instead of desktop computers.

Sensitive, you might damage its screen if you fall it mistakenly, and for your information it is very expensive to change new screen of any laptops some laptops have screen price more then 40000 if you are using mac book or some higher brands.

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